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Recent Projects

The Roads to Rome

It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to work on a project like this one, The Roads to Rome, a new cookbook written by Jarrett Wrisley and Paolo Vitaletti which examines the elemental recipes and foodways that developed along the ancient trade routes of southern Italy. Published by Clarkson-Potter and released in November 2020.

Baking with Licker

The highly anticipated follow-up to 2016’s Lickerland: Asian-Accented Desserts by Jason Licker, which was nominated for a James Beard Award and named as the #2 Asian Cookbook in the World at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards in 2017. Baking with Licker is a collection of almost 60 Asian-inspired dessert recipes that, according to Licker, “redefines what is possible when homespun American-style desserts meet Asia’s most iconic ingredients.”  Self published by the author in 2020.

Sake: The History, Stories and Craft of Japan's Artisanal Breweries

A compendium of the most important generational sake breweries in Japan, featuring profiles of and interviews with the passionate families who run these operations, along with luxurious photography of the small batch processes, landscape and people involved. The 75 profiles include 60 sake breweries, 10 shochu distilleries and 5 awamori distilleries from Okinawa all the way to Hokkaido for geographic and stylistic diversity. Published by Gatehouse Press in 2016.

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